See How Boy, 7, Waited Outside School Gates With Flowers To Win Back Girlfriend Who Dumped Him Over ‘Bad Attitude’


A schoolboy has ‘set the standard’ for men everywhere after waiting outside the school gates with a bunch of flowers and wearing his favourite aftershave to win back his girlfriend who dumped him.

Harley Glenwright, 7, was dating Sophie Clancy but unfortunately got dumped on the first day of year three in school.

His girlfriend broke up with him because of his bad behaviour towards his teacher.

Glenwright was assessed for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) as well as autism. Because of this, finds school and social situations at times challenging. A time came when lost his temper and lashed out at the teacher.

Sophie, his girlfriend of two years, broke up with him immediately.

Very heartbroken, Harley Glenwright came home from school one day with tears in his eyes. His family was worried and couldn’t understand the reason behind his sadness but later found out why.

Despite the break-up, he was determined to not ‘lose her’ because he ‘loved her’, his mother told Mirror.

To win Sofie back, Harley requested his mother to purchase flowers for him.

At first, he had requested his mother to set up an alarm for 5 am as he wanted to get an early start in the preparation of the big gesture. That failed as he slept till 7:30. But still, he managed to dress up. He took time to style his hair and even applied aftershave.

“We got to the shop, and he was so excited. He picked the specific bunch of flowers because they had a rose in, then he picked her a chocolate bar,” said his mother Stefania.

Like a complete gentleman, he waited outside the school gate for his ex-girlfriend. He waited for a long time, but she didn’t come around. His mother called Sophie’s mother, and it was revealed that they were running late for school.

He still waited. At last, his ladylove arrived. He ran towards her with the flowers with an apology ready.

Sophie forgave him on the spot and gave him a long hug. Later, he informed his mother that they got back together and that she is helping him be better.

He promised to not lose his temper at school anymore. Sophie even told her mother that she “loves him to bits”.